20 June 2021,   13:12
Number of people who died of mephedrone approaching critical line - victim families ask MIA for response

The number of young people who are poisoned with drugs is approaching the critical line. Up to 10 young people who have been poisoned with "Mephedron" are still undergoing a long course of treatment at Neogene Narcology Center. Everyone"s condition is serious and they have symptoms incompatible with live. In the last two weeks, a mental disorder has been reported in dozens of young people, including several girls. Most were poisoned with new generation drugs - bath salts.

The majority of young people who were poisoned by " Mephedrone " or who died of the so-called bath salts did not know what they were consuming. The exact composition of the drug, which has killed seven young people in the last two weeks, is still unknown.