20 June 2021,   13:47
City Hall`s Internal Audit`s Conclusion - There are new allegations around "Niels" LTD

New evidence of corruption deals in food supply tenders . The case is still related to the famous Niels, which supplies food for kindergartens and free canteen.

The document states that in the free diners, 20% less food than envisaged by is prepared, but the City Hall pays the money fully.

According to the conclusion of the audit of the City Hall, when hundreds of citizens are standing in the queue in the free canteen the City Hall refuses to pay for their dinner, while there are families whose financial stuation causes doubts. For example, some citizens come by taxi or car to get a meal. Opposition argues that, according to the City Hall Audit`s report , there are signs of criminal offense.

Presumably, the management of the contractor will have to answer thequestions in the prosecutor"s office. Mayor of Tbilisi says he knew nothing about the violations revealed by the internal audit but he will get interested and punish the criminals.