28 November 2021,   15:49
Protest rally temporarily suspended - police removed tents

The rally in front of the Parliament building is temporarily suspended. As the leader of the "White Noise" movement said, the protesters will move to the temporarily office. The reason according to Beka Tsikarishvili is to avoid escalation.

In the morning law enforcers removed the tents set up by protesters late at night. Initially, the police called the crowd to take up tents, but after the negative replythe police removed the tents. According to the leader of "White Noise", this was an illegal act by the police.
The rally started yesterday afternoon after the law enforcers entered "Bassiani" and "Galeri" clubs in the morning and conducted massive special operation on May 12.

Most of the detainees have been released. At this stage 8 persons remain in custody, who are accused of drug dealing.