25 January 2022,   03:47
11-hour acute controversy - LGBT community supporters have not yet agreed whether to hold a rally tomorrow

The noisy meeting in the "Equal Opportunities" office - the sides failed to reach agreement despite several hours of negotiations. It is still unknown whether the action dedicated to the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobi will be held.

The meeting went on for 11 hours in a very tense regime behind closed doors. Due to the confrontation, it wass needed to call the police on the spot. Several participants of the meeting left the office in protest.

Levan Berianidze, executive director of the non-governmental organization "Equality Movement" says that despite the sharp discussion, the decision is not yet made. According to him, tomorrow they will make an announcement, after which it will be clear whether today"s participants will meet at the support rally of the LGBT community.

Davit Subeliani, one of the participants of the " For our Freedom" rally, speaks about the necessity to avoid bloodshed. After the meeting he did not specify whether the rally will be held tomorrow, but said that the organizers of the rally have a great responsibility.