18 June 2024,   21:37
Radical move of Patriarchate and boycott to "Rustavi 2" - announcement was preceded by cursing of Giorgi Gabunia by Rev. Job

The Patriarchate issued a special statement, which states that it is boycotting Rustavi 2 and at the end of the day, disseminated it on the official website. A message from the church begins with the criticism of the program "Postscriptum". On Sunday, the P.S. reported to the audience about the letter of support for Georgia sent by the World Patriarch in 2008, which the Patriarchate did not release in the days of the August war.

Another part of the episode is dedicated to the program "Choice". The topic of the program was freedom of expression. The criticism of the Patriarchate was caused by the drawing of the painter Lia Ukleba and the position of the anchor Giorgi Gabunia.

The Patriarchate of Georgia requested clergymen and church leaders to boycott "Rustavi 2".

The Director General of the broadcasting company answered the statement and boycott of the Patriarchate. Nika Gvaramia is convinced that this statement belongs to a group that has a special influence on the Patriarchate. Gvaramia sees a special danger in the call of the Patriarchate where the Church calls on the government to legalize the censorship.

The statement of the Patriarchate was preceded by the Archbishop Job who cursed Giorgi Gabunia, the host of the program "Choice" .

For politicians the most dangerous part of the patriarchate`s statement
is the appeaagainst "Rustavi 2" directed not only to the clergy but also to other representatives of the society.

Politicians say that the Patriarchate has further fueled the confrontation in society.