26 January 2022,   02:50
He will not be a protector of anyone, he will be the face of the Russian church - Russian cleric speaks about priest directed to arrive in Georgia

Representatives of the delegation of various Orthodox countries around the world participated in the Divine Liturgy together with Metropolitan Bishop Grigol of Poti and Khobi.

Among them were the clerics from the Russian Patriarchate who spoke about the mission of Father Vladimr sent from the Russian Patriarchate to Georgia.

"The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has decided to send Father Vladimir . For a long time in Moscow there has been a representation of the Patriarchate of Georgia. The liturgy in the church is performed in Georgian. As for Father Vladimir"s work, he will provide spiritual food to Orthodox Russians living in Georgia. He will not be an advocate for anyone. He will be the face of the Russian Church and will play the bridge between our churches, "said the Russian clergyman in Georgia.

The international delegation transported the holy remnants of the saints, which will stay in the complex permanently.

"We are part of a delegation that came to support the event dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the construction of this magnificent temple.
We brought you the gift of the Rostov and Yaroslavia diocese, the bones of the saints that will stay here forever. We hope that this will fulfilled the spiritual unity between brotherly Georgian and Russian peoples, "says Hugunin  clergy Augustine.