22 January 2022,   13:16
"You know what a powerful prosecutor my uncle is, he will sort out this case" - scandalous testimony of the accused in Khorava Street

"Do not worry, my uncle is a great prosecutor," according to one of the accused in the killing on Khorava Street, this is what anotherteenager participating in bloody confrontation said. The defendant remembered the developments on December 1. He also talked about the situation in which he met with the senior official of the prosecutor"s office Subeliani.
The defendant"s lawyer responds to the scandalous testimony of the witness regarding the interfering with the destruction of evidence by the prosecution"s high official. According to Tariel Kakabadze, this proves that various persons participated in the offense.

"Participation in the cover of crime by various persons has been confirmed. Participation in the destruction of evidence and organizing concealment of persons involved in the specific facts, "Tariel Kakabadze said.