18 June 2024,   23:44
Scandalous footage in social network - first comment of Geguti prisoner"s father

Father of the Geguti Prisoner speaks to journalists after spreading scandalous video in the social network. Gocha Gubeladze says that the detention of his son was preceded by several suspicious facts.

In particular, Nodar Gubeladze"s father informs that about a month ago, law enforcers seized his son"s key and in several days removed weapons and drugs from his house.

According to the family, the footage shot in Geguti prison shows an attempt to receive a desired testimony from the prisoner.

The attorney of the defendant says that he had information that Khelvachauri police officers were going to Geguti prison to take a DNA sample, but he had not seen the judge"s ruling which indicated that the law enforcers have the right to take the sample DNA with such violent methods.

Lawyer Paata Shavadze says that the MIA tries to cover the lawlessness of the court.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the video footage released by the 12th Channel on the social network, which reflects violence in Khelvachauri police.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia says that the actions were allowed by the judge.