18 June 2024,   22:24
Sandra Roelofs brought presents to socially vulnerable families in Zugdidi

Sandra Roelofs handed over food products to the socially vulnerable and large families living in the Zugdidi municipality with in connection with the International Children"s Day.

Package includes all essential products that each family uses daily, as well as primary medicines for socially vulnerable families.

According to diagnosis, several children were given expensive medicines.

Soko Foundation has periodically carried out similar acts in Zugdidi for the last three years.
Apart from food products, the Foundation also comducts free medical examinations. Sandra Roelofs personally handed over the presents to the families.

"This program has been doing on already for the third year, I have a special relationship with Zugdidi and Samegrelo.Here people live in a hardship situation, "said Sandra Roelofs.