24 January 2021,   23:25
Until now, I had no wish to engage politics in this case, I was forced to use this leverage - Zaza Saralidze

"I was forced to use this leverage ," Zaza Saralidze made this statement at the parliament building late last night when he decided to involve political parties in the ongoing rallies.

According to him, his goal is to punish all those who hinder establishing the murderers of his son.

The father of Tamirlan Machalikashvili who was killed during the Pankisi Special Operation and who was beside Zaza Sarlidze from the first day of the rally claimed the same.

"6 months have passed, but there was nothing else than mockery of us, and we will use every leverage to punish the murders of our children," - said Malkhaz Machalikashvili.

According to Zviad Kuprava, the final goal will be achieved through joint efforts.

"The provocations of the government have become an indicator of a great union," said Zviad Kuprava