24 January 2021,   21:48
"Do you know that Kuprava has beaten my son"s friend?" - Controversy between Ia Metreveli and Zaza Saralidze

Before leaving the protest rally in Vake Park, Zaza Saralidze had an argument with Buta Robakidze"s mother. Ia Metreveli called on Zaza Saralidze not to stand next to the murderers of her children. She told Zaza Saralidze that he was being used.

"Are you going back or are you staying with us? Do you know that Kuprava has beaten my son"s friend? "Ia Metreveli addressed Zaza Saralidze, who answered that nobody can use him and would stand there where people were concerned with his son"s fate.

Unlike Ia Metreveli, Zaza Sarlidze was supported by Buta Robakidze"s father.

"I"ll stand next to Zaza Sarlidze," said Soso Robakidze.

Before arguing with Ia Metreveli Zaza Saralidze made a speech and said that politics was not interesting for him and he came to this action because his son"s friends where there.

"Thank you very much Georgia. My place is only with my son"s friends. I fight for the restoration of justice and the future of Georgia. I call on all Georgia to defend our country"s future, "Zaza Saralidze said.

According to him, if his son"s killers are detained he will go home.