13 June 2021,   21:24
Ana Dolidze vs Supreme Council of Justice - Court hearing begins

Ana Dolidze, the non-judge member of the Council of Justice, sues the High Council of Justice. The hearing starts today. The Council of Justice did not allow her to participate in interviews with life-long judges.

The Judges demanded to recuse Anna Dolidze. The Chairman of GYLA defends Anna Dolidze"s interests. According to Sulkhan Saladze, Dolidze"s suit is justified.

"This may become a tendency and the member of the board may have a feeling that if she /he speaks about problems openly, she/he may be recused from such an important process as selection of the judges and fail to fulfill obligations, "Sulkhan Saladze declares.

The session will start in the town court shortly. It is not yet known who is the Supreme Council of Justice