26 November 2020,   05:38
Read the law, the Board of Trustees of the Public Broadcaster will not come to Parliament -confrontation between Putkaradze and Gotsiridze

Noise and heated debates at the Finance Budget Committee sitting. The discussion of the budget of the Public Broadcaster was followed by a debate. Representative of the Board of Trustees Irina Putkaradze and the MP from the National Movement Roman Gotsiridze opposed each other.

According to Roman Gotsiridze, problems are in the implementation of the GPB budget, Gotsiridze thinks that it is necessary todismiss the existing board and approve the new Board of Trustees. According to Gotsiridze, the Board of Trustees should report to the faction.

But Irina Putkaradze says that the Council is not obliged to come to the parliament if it is summoned and answer the questions of the MPs.

"Read the law well, the Board of Trustees is not obliged to meet with you or the Georgian Dream representatives. Read the law , you are doing legislative work here and it"s a bit awkward that you are summoning the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will not come, " - said Putkaradze.

Gotsiridze responded that the Parliament could summon to any faction all those whom a the Parliament has approved.

Putkaradze demanded a parliamentary opposition representative to show the conclusion saying that the funds of the broadcaster are misused.

"When the budget is not approved, the amount of money from one article goes into the second article, you do not even know how much salary is paid. When the expenditures are not approved, it"s corruption, "Gotsiridze says.