23 January 2022,   09:24
Trial of "Free Zone" member - Mirian Ddeisadze was sentenced to 700 GEL fine

The court dismissed Mirian Deisadze from the "Free Zone" in exchange for a 700-GEL fine.

Mirian Deisadze says his detention is related to his participation in the rallies and this is a kind of intimidation by law enforcers. According to Mirian Deisadze, people dressed in civilian clothes approached and detained him without any explanations.

"When I came out from the house of my friend the black color Scoda started moving in my direction. One policeman dressed in civilian clothes grabded me and pushed me in the car. The driver insulted me with four letter words, trying to make me nervous. When I did not succumb to this provocation and told him that he would regret it, he stopped the car for an hour off the road somewhere. The driver was replaced by another person and then they took me to the department, "said Mirian Deisadze.

Two representatives of "Free Zone" detained yesterday at Gabriel Salosi Street.