23 January 2022,   09:43
"There was a threat of sexual violence" -lawyer asserts that Marneuli mayor threatened with rape

The continuation of the scandalous case - victim of violence and inhuman treatment in Marneuli has already given testimony to the Rustavi Prosecutor"s Office.

According to the lawyer of Elchin Alakhverdiev, Teimuraz Abazov, mayor of Marneuli, threatened him with sexual violence if he did not put urine on the face.

"There has been a degrading and inhuman treatment. He had also been physically abused. Also, there were threats, threats about sexual abuse. Specifically, there was the Mayor"s threat about the incident, "said Ekaterine Midodashvili, the lawyer of Allegverdev.

According to her, her client is recognized as the victim. He has already talked with the representative of the Public Defender.

Video footage where Elchin Alakhverdiev is splashing urine on the face and is apologizing to the Mayor of Marneuli was spread in the social network. Prior to this incident, he made a statement at the rally in Zaza Saralidze"s supporter where he cursed Bidzina Ivanishvili and Marneuli mayor.

Law enforcers detained Marneuli Mayor. In addition, another 3 people have been charged. These are Marneuli Sakrebulo "Georgian Dream" representative, mayor"s relative and UNM representative, MP Azer Suleimanov. He is protected by immunity, and therefore it is impossible to apply pre-detention against him at this stage.