17 January 2022,   14:06
Excessive authority - NGOs are demanding to create structure controlling State Security

NGOs demand to create a structure for controlling the State Security Service.

Transparency International Georgia and EMC will focus on this issue during assessment of State Security Service activities.

In the third sector, they are focused on legislative shortcomings and are demanding strengthening of parliamentary and judicial control. Presentation of the report will be attended by Georgian and foreign experts, and specific recommendations will be presented.

"Since today our state security service is a structure which has the excessive power - you know that the Security Service has an analytical function, crime prevention function and at the background of this excessive power, there is no real structure that will control the activity of the security service. Our recommendations are about strengthening the control of the parliament, as well as strengthening the court"s control, "said Lika Sajaia, the parliamentary secretary of the NGO" Transparency International - Georgia ".