03 July 2022,   18:42
Zaza Saralidze will meet with representatives of Prosecutor"s Office

Zaza Saralidz, the father of Davit Saralidze murdered in Khorava Street in Tbilisi, will meet representatives of the Prosecutor"s Office.

According to Zaza Saralidze, he is waiting for answers to questions - why are his son`s murderers free for 7 months.

Saralidze hopes that the Chief Prosecutor"s Office will have answers to his questions. According to him, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to take steps regarding the killing on Khorava Street, but it is opposed by the Prosecutor"s Office.

The meeting is scheduled at 13:00 at the Chief Prosecutor"s Office.

"The MIA is ready to take steps but as I see the Prosecutor"s Office is opposed.
I hope I will have real answers after 7-month of waiting, "Zaza Saralidze said.