05 July 2022,   08:23
"Alternatives road was arranged and today a significant part of the alternative road was destroyed" - Sozar Subari on the situation in Chuberi

The situation in Chubber has becomemore or less stable to the end of the day. The river Nenskra"s level dropped by about 30 centimeters. According to specialists, the peak of the disaster has already been over and the population is no longer in danger.

Minister of IDPs is on the spot. According to Sozar Subari, after several hours of work in the village, the road was expanded and stones were thrown in the river to change the direction of the river.

"The road that you see nowq was destroyed by the river a few days ago, though alternative eroad was arranged, a significant part of which was destroyed today, it was actually very dangerous to go by car, and after a few hours of work the river bad was changed.In a day or two, the river flow back will return to the old place, it will no longer be dangerous here, "- Subari said.

In the village of Chuberi, there is still a heavy technique that works on alternates roads, in order to get the way to the villages that have been cut off from the outer world. Specialists and members of the Emergency Headquarters begin counting the damage and restoration of the territory.