22 January 2022,   12:18
Policeman shot 22-year-old man in the head

At the center of Poti, 22-year-old Nazim Guzanov was shot dead  by a patrol police officer. Fe died when he was taken to a clinic.

Inspector-investigator Chabuka Lemonjava has been detained. According to the MIA, Guzanov was planning to rob TBC Bank"s fast-paying machine.

The patrol inspector who arrived at the scene tried to detain him, but the policeman was attacked and hit in the head with a blunt object. The Interior Ministry says that the policeman shot after this fact.

The murder of a 22-year-old man has no witness. There is no video recording. The surveillance camera installed at the scene of the crime was disconnected.

According to the "Kurieri", the case materials say that Lemonjava fired once and this is the only bullet that hit Guzanov.

The detained patrol police officer is in the Poti hospital. Chabuka Lemonjava has a brain injury trauma due to the damage inflicted on his head.

Nazim Guzanov, 22, lived in Rustavi. He had gone to rest in Poti. Buzanov was released from prison on parole and was waiting for a court verdict. Law enforcers detained Guzanov on 26 May 2018 on a charge of robbery of TBC fast-paying machine. The court released him a month ago. In 2016, Gusanov served his sentence for the resistance to police and petty hooliganism.