04 July 2022,   03:49
Population with bats and Special Task Unit with special equipment - situation is still tense, Mestia-Zugdidi road is blocked

The situation in Svaneti is still tense. Population armed with sticks in Khaishi remains face-to-face with law enforcers and they do not intend to break up despite the call.

There are several hundred policemen mobilized on the spot, among them are employees of the Special Task Force.

Due to the situation created by this time, the road connecting Mestia-Zugdidi is blocked. Negotiations on the road opening are going on at this time.

The population says that armed police do not allow them to enter the Nenskra and Khaishi valley . Clashes occasionally occur. People have stoned the police several times.

"What kind of people are you affected by this problem? We are fighting for existence. We do not want timber, give us an alternate way of development, "locals say.

The purpose of the special operation is to detect illegal illegal forest activities. The population says that the timber production is the only source of survival.