17 January 2022,   15:00
Detained businessman Giorgi calls absurd accusation against him of "Energo-Pro Georgia"

Businessman Giorgi Sozashvili accused the criminal police of abuse of power before detention. He denies the allegation that he was stealing electricity for the production of cryptographic currency and the charge of "Energo-Pro Georgia", which is why the investigation began, considers it a provocation. The company claims the contrary. At the end of the day, he was in Napetrvebi at the transfromator, from which he was accused of stealing electricity.

When asked whether he paid any money for electricity, Solazashvili replied:

"We paid 1000 Lari for energy and then theycame and said that 1000 lari was not enough and they wanted 1500 lari, and we refuse them, they told us they would cut us of and we agreed - says Sozashvili.

His charges are answered in "Energo-Pro Georgia" which says that the businessman did not pay any money.