21 January 2022,   12:47
Grigol Vashadze and the United Opposition Leaders met with the population of the village Iormula

Grigol Vashadze, candidate of the United Opposition,together with the other leaders of the union met with population of Sagarejo and village Iormugalo.

The population lacks jobs, there are water problems and damaged roads. The locals say that 325 thousand GEL was allocated to solve the problem of water in the village but the water is not supplied to the village.

According to the population, they are in unbearable conditions, despite the many promises the government does not care about improving their living conditions, there was the absence of pastures as well as.

Presidential Candidate and United Opposition Leaders talked about the concrete plans how to solve existing problems after winning the presidential election.

"The main thing for us is to win the presidential election as soon as possible and to appont early parliamentary elections, to have the national government, which will protect the interests of the normal humans, Georgian citizens, and the working people," Grigol Vashadze said.