17 January 2022,   14:04
NDI Survey and "Georgian Dream`s " very ow rating - number of undecided voters reaches a record rate

Three months before the presidential election, NDI publishes results of public opinion survey. The main trend, which appeared during the survey, is the number of undecided voters , which has reached a record rate of 74 percent.

At this stage it is not known whether the president will participate in the elections. However, NDI had a question on Margvelashvili"s role in the presidential election. It was found out that 32% of respondents have no answer to this question. As for the candidates, 12% of respondents say that they support the "Georgian Dream" candidate. 10% like aUNM candidate No response was given by 9%. 6% expressed sympathy towards Davit Bakradze. Giorgi Margvelashvili also has 6%. The last place is taken by Shalva Natelashvili, who s supported by 4% of respondents. However, this is the distribution percentage among candidates, if Margvelashvili will participate in the elections.

What if the current president will not be involved in the election marathon? In this case the support of "Georgian Dream" is slightly increased and 17% support it. According to the survey, 8% has UNM and Davit Bakradze 7%.

According to NDI survey 62% of respondents believe the opposition should have a common candidate.

In case of appointment of the second round, the votes of the respondents were distributed in the following way. If in the second round of the presidential elections the candidates of "Georgian Dream" and "National Movement" will be distributed as follows: "Georgian Dream" - 32% and UNM - 20%.

NDI has also examined people"s attitude towards political parties. The question is, which party is standing close to your views 48% of respondents respond that no one. 18% think that such a party is "Georgian Dream". 10% name UNM. "Labor Party" is named by 3% of respondents.