17 January 2022,   15:07
Orthodox Church against the Constitutional Court - The Clergy Demands annuling country`s main Court due to Marijuana"s Legalization

The clergy are demanding the apology from the judges because of the cancellation of administrative penalty for the use of marijuana. Four clergymen today accused the First Collegium of the Constitutional Court of the genocide of the nation and requested the annulling of the main court.

Another requirement they had was to hold a referendum. The clergy claim that the population of the country should decide whether to make the use of marijuana legitimate.

According to the law, the President appoints a referendum and the Parliament of Georgia, the government or 200,000 voters should appeal to the country"s first person. However, the constitution prohibits conducting a referendum on the basic constitutional rights and freedoms of human beings, which means that the demand of clerics can not be satisfied.