17 January 2022,   14:09
Irakli Shotadze and Giorgi Gakhraia came to Parliament

Irakli Shotadze, the Former Chief Prosecutor and Giorgi Gakharia, the Interior Minister have arrived at the parliament.
They will answer the questions of the investigative commission members on the murder in Khorava Street in Tbilisi today.

The commission session will start in the legislative body in a few minutes.

The Minister of Internal Affairs has not commented before the start of a commission session.

The former Chief Prosecutor has stated that he is ready to answer all questions.

Giorgi Gakharia was a newly appointed Interior Minister when the murder of teenagers took place. The Preliminary investigation was conducted during his tenure. As for Irakli Shotaadze, he was a Chief Prosecutor in December 2017 and his Office was overseeing the investigation carried out by the MIA.