25 January 2022,   06:11
Allowing the use of drugs is the enmity of our nation - Patriarch

Allowing the use of drugs is the enmity of our nation - Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia state at Sunday"s sermon.

In connection with legalization of marijuana consumption, Ilia II states that the Constitutional Court passed this decision under the "pressure and influence".

The Patriarch focuses on the danger that the marijuana legalization might bring and addresses everyone to prevent the government from enacting this illegality.

"Recently, there is a big worry in Georgia – the use of drugs and marijuana has been legalized. This is a big mistake. We should remember that permission for drug consumption is hostility towards our nation. I am convinced that those people, who granted this permission for drug consumption, do not agree with it themselves, but they are under pressure and they were forced to take this decision. We must not forget that if we allow drugs, we should allow drug sale and drug production. The main thing is that this will lead young people from neighboring countries to arrive [in Georgia] – and the drug center will be set up here. Therefore, I call on everyone, first of all on the government, intellectuals and young people to take care of our homeland and our children. I ask you not to kill your children, do not let this lawlessness. God give you strength and wisdom, "the Patriarch said