27 January 2022,   23:47
So called Cyanide Case and P.S. Survey - Most of the Citizens Think Dean Mamaladze Is Innocent

The so called Cyanide case soon will be discussed by the Strasbourg Court. Lawyers of the archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze have exhausted every instance in Georgia. Among them is the Supreme Court, which has not received the case for consideration. The defendant"s lawyers are now lodging a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.

From the day of arrest, the archpriest says he is innocent. Only a few high hierarchy clergy believe in his innocence . As for the citizens, P.S. has conducted a survey in several major cities.

It was found out that most of the citizens were convinced that the president should pardon him.
Citizens say that due to the processes around the Patriarchate. the trust towards the Church is decreasing.