28 January 2022,   00:28
Russian-Georgian war hero, 34-year-old Ruslan Gogoladze was deprived of social assistance

The Russian-Georgian war hero, 34-year-old Ruslan Gogoladze has stopped reciving social assistance.

According to the military, the assistance was suspended in 2016, and the reason for the high monthly payment for electricity.
Ruslan Gogoladze lives in grandmother"s house in Ozurgeti and he has been in a wheel chair for the last four years and the Ministry of Health refuses to fund the rehabilitation coursefor him. The family receives 180 lari pension, which is not enough for food.

Information about Ruslan Gogoladze was spread by his friend in the social network and only after that the social workers arrived at Georgian fighter`s, but they did not make any explanation. Later the Agency released a written statement indicating that the family enjoyed pensions and social packages and his treatment was financed by GEL 12500 within the framework of the universal healthcare program. Now the social situation of the family will be done through a new methodology.

Ruslan Gogoladze says that he has heard about the promises from the state but he has not been helped yet.

Health Minister Davit Sergeenko states that Georgian militia gets assistance in several directions and notes that such cases are particularly noteworthy