20 January 2022,   09:00
Murder of businessman in Tbilisi - Levan Sigua"s body was transferred for expertise

Levan Sigua"s body was transferred for the examination late last night. What was the reason for the murder of 42-year-old man and whether or not his business was reason of the murder - the Ministry of Internal Affairs has no answer.

The motives of the incident are unknown to the members of the killed family. According to "Courier", Levan Sigua"s brother had a construction business.

The area f murder is now limited with a yellow ribbon. According to the latest information, perpetrators have not yet been arrested.

The murder occurred at midnight on Dolidze Street near Levan Sigua"s residence.

He was shot at with about 8 bullets when getting out of the car. Reportedly, 42-year-old man was killed on the spot.

Presumably, the attackers were watching Sigua. Criminalists were working on the scene almost all night.