28 January 2022,   00:12
Citizens talk about the situation at the Russian Interests Section


Russian visa service center is opened in Tbilisi following a corruption scandal. The center will serve those who want visas from today.

The population who came to the Visa Center said that in the Russian Interests Section they had to pay the money to get in line and then submit the documents.

One of the citizens who came to the Russian interests section says that there was absolute chaos and he expressed hope that the visa center will be able to settle the situation.

The Visa Center is located at 4 Besiki street and the service cost is 30 dollars.

Representatives of the Center explain that the public principle will act and they will serve citizens every working day.

According to the procedure, citizens should submit documentation to the Russian Visa Center. The center will review this document within two days and send it to the Russian Interests section. Here, they will decide on issuing a visa within 7 days.

The center will have 16 windows, hoping that it will speed up and simplify the procedure of issuing visas, as well as create the best possible conditions for the applicants.

After a report on "Saturday Courier", where the corrupt scheme was revealed, the Ministry of Internal Affairs began investigation into the fraud.