20 January 2022,   08:21
Hail in Kakheti - Protest action is taking place in Avshniani village

The damage in Kakheti is being counted. The hail that came yesterday completely destroyed the harvest in four villages of Akhmeta municipality .

Protest rally is taking place in Avshaniani village of Akhmeta The population speaks about the neglect from the government and asks for help.

Agricultural land is almost completely destroyed and the peasants will not be able to get out anything from these lands this year.

The victims say that anti-hail equipment was not used to prevent the disaster. According to them, almost all of them have a bank loan to pay.

The opposition was also in villages affected by natural disaster. Giorgi Botkoveli, member of the National Movement, presented three requests to the government, including compensation for losses, abolition of land tax and cut of interest on bank loans.