20 January 2022,   09:24
Protest Rally in Kakheti - Offer of Special HQ for damaged by hail is unacceptable

Peasants affected by hail in Kakheti are asking for help and continue the protest rally. The offer of the special headquarter is unacceptable for them . Dissatified peasants have tried to block the motorway recently.

Victims demand compensation for losses, help in buying poisonous chemicals and paying of bank credits.

The staff of the headquarters, in the activities of which together with the local authorities the agriculture minister is involved, told the population that the financial compensation will not be issued and only those peasants will receive assistance whose harvests were insured.

Staff members offered farmers assistance in realization of damaged grapes and mediation with banks on loans.
The victims say that anti-hail equipment was not used to prevent the disaster. According to them, almost all of them have a bank loan to pay.