25 January 2022,   06:46
If the country has a government, it should exempt the victims from land tax and pay them compensation - Grigol Vashadze

"West Georgia is being destroyed by the Asian bug and here we have a catastrophe in Telavi and Akhmeta districts," the presidential candidate of the United Opposition Grigol Vashadze said about the problems caused by the disaster in Kakheti.

According to him, it is necessary that the government pay compensation to the victims, as well as to free the peasants from the land tax and assist in paying of the bank credits.

" The harvest is totally destroyed in most areas at a time when the country has no government. If the country has a government, the immediate steps should be taken to exempt the victims from land taxes, to help them pay the credits and pay them compensation. Because Georgian citizens are on the brink of physical survival, "Grigol Vashadze said.