25 January 2022,   05:35
Archil Tatunashvili"s family appeals to Strasbourg Court

In six months after the brutal murder of Archil Tatunashvili, his family filed a suit against Russia in Strasbourg.

The main evidence among the documents sent to the European Court of Human Rights today will be a conclusion prepared by the Center for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims.

It confirms that 34-year-old young man died as a result of torture. In the suit, there is a focus on violating several conventions on human rights by Russia.

"The circumstances show that human torture has resulted in the human traumatic neurogenic shock that caused acute cardiovascular insufficiency and therefore death.

More than two thirds of the body is damaged. In total he had 100 wounds implied by a blunt object," said Kakha Mikadze, an expert in the Psychological Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture.

Empathy experts are convinced that the Strasbourg Court will satisfy the suit of Tatunashvili"s family and raise the issue of Russia"s responsibility.