25 January 2022,   05:13
Toxic poisoning with unspecified substance in Anaklia - one dead and one intoxicated


The body of the ECHOWAVES festival participant in the Anaklia was transferred to the expertise bureau. So far the official version causing the death of a young man is unknown.

According to the information, he had intoxication, so the emergency brigade was called on the spot. A 21-year-old man died before being taken to a clinic.

At this time it is unknown what type of substance was the reason of intoxication. It should be established as a result of the expertise.

Investigation is in progress under the article of bringing to the point of suicide, but it is not ruled out that after the examination results the artticle will be requalified.

As for another young girl, who was placed in a medical clinic with toxic signs, the doctors reported that she had been provided with appropriate medical care and she was already discharged from the clinic.

In this case, it is not either clear what caused a young girl`s intoxication.