25 January 2022,   05:21
Armed attack and seized ship - 17 Georgian sailors on PANTELENA vessel feel safe

The crew that has survived the attack feels safe at this time. The ship Pantelena with 17 Georgian sailors, entered the port of Lomé in the Republic of Togo.

According to the Georgian side, the crew members are provided with items of primary needs. The sailors" lives are not in danger.

The armed attack took place on the ship"s crew, in the territorial waters of Gabon, after which the ship was seized in the open sea.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Maritime Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia have conducted coordinated work in different directions in the last 10 days. The Government of Georgia remains in contact with the ship PANTELENA and expresses its readiness to provide the assistance to the Georgian sailors in case of necessity, "- the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Head of Adjara government met with family of sailors.