27 October 2020,   17:05
Impaired GEL - specialists call on the government not to speak of possible disarray and threats of confrontation in the country

Record impairment of GEL and a new wave of price increases - the devaluation of the national currency is followed by the rise in prices. After gasoline, prices increase on medicines. Experts expect prices to increase on all the products. which are imported from abroad.

Giorgi Kepuladze, the Chairman of the NGO "Society and Banks" announces that the depreciation of GEL has been caused by several factors, including political messages. According to Giorgi Kepuladze, the recent statements of the ruling party about civil war create panic in business circles.

"It is important apocalyptic scenarios, civil wars, economic and political crises should not be discussed by the authorities.  as this has a negative impact on investor moods. As well as business mood, "Giorgi Kepuladze said.

Cost of one US dollar in commercial booths is 2 .72 GEL.