27 October 2020,   17:17
Strong fire in the Istanbul market - the loss of each trader reaches tens of thousands of lari


The fire in the Istanbul market has destroyed all the items for sale in Rustavi. Each merchant"s loss is tens of thousands of lari. Strong fire broke out in Rustavi, near the so-called Istanbul market at 2 o"clock. Several dozen fire brigades arrived to extinguish the fire. Victims suspect that the fire in the market was artificially set.

Unlike traders, the owner of the market is convinced that the fire broke out in the area by accident. Gocha Siradze and Kvemo Kartli governor are waiting for the investigation to finish and do not speak about the possible causes of the fire.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already initiated a case of destruction or damage of another person`s property. However, the investigation does not have any answer. Who or why burned the Children`s world - the victims have not received the answer for a year and 8 months.

The victims are convinced that the children"s world was burned in the interests of someone and the government is covering the guilty.

Investigation has not yet established why the fire broke out at the trading center "Tergi", why the Lilo and Eliava markets were burnt down.