06 June 2023,   03:59
"Government has received one slap in the first round and will surely lose the second one " -Gigol Vashadze met with the population of Tskaltubo

United Opposition"s presidential candidate met with population in Tskhaltubo. Grigol Vashadze thanked citizens for their support. He said that after the victory in the elections, the coalition government should come to power where the opposition will be part of the government. He said that Georgia needs the protection of people"s rights and property, multi-party authorities and economic reforms to create jobs.

"It is the people"s merit that the government has received one slap after the first round because they have not fulfilled any of their obligations or promises and will surely lose the second tour because the Georgian citizen is angry with one side and on the other hand is firmly determined to take control of the state . The united opposition will serve this purpose and we will definitely win, "Grigol Vashadze said.