27 October 2020,   16:48
Privileged Families in Kakheti - municipality reimburses damages caused disaster only to Georgian Dream supporters

Privileged families supporting the Georgian Dream - tens of thousands of families living in the village of Verkhismindori in Kakheti-Lagodekhi district speak about pressure from the local government on political grounds.

They say that only few people received assistance from families affected by natural disaster and all of them support the Georgian Dream.

Hail and hurricane damaged the roofs of dozens of houses in the village. The victims` problems are shared by the opposition which confirms that the board provides assistance only to certain persons.

People"s complaints, as well as opposition accusations, are not shared in Lagodekhi City Hall. They deny granting assistance to local people on political grounds and have a list compiled by the Commission to show the situation. However, no one has the answer why special commission left dozens of poor families without assistance.