14 June 2024,   17:23
Up to 24 real estate property from 2 apartments - TI publishes a video on the property accumulated by Partskhaladze in the last 5 years

Which property Otar Partskhaladze was able to accumulate in the last 5 years -Transparency International -Georgia prepared a video on this topic. At the end of 2013, during the resignation of Chief Prosecutor, Partskhaladze had two apartments in Tbilisi. Today, in the ownership of the family of Partskhaladze owns 24 real estates. As for business activities and revenues - according to existing data, Partskhaladze bought shares in various companies for a reasonable amount and then sold at a much higher price. Among them is Royal Development LLC, which is a co-investor together with a state-funded partnership fund. Currently 4 companies are connected to Otar Partskhaladze"s family members.