22 May 2024,   19:46
Strengthening of Court, Overcoming Corruption, Media Freedom - Transparency Georgia Sends Recommendations to the Government

Transparency International Georgia sends the ruling party the recommendations about correct governance. The organization has conducted a survey that discusses the courts" strengthening, corruption and media freedom.

The specific part of the report concerns the case of Rustavi 2, by which the civil organization explains that attacks on the media should be stopped.

As a result of studying the main fundamental issues of the country, "Transparency International Georgia" has found that there are a lot of gaps in governance and the government needs to take care of that.

"Important reforms that should be taken immediately in the country include strengthening of the parliamentary control over the executive government, strengthening of the court and overcoming corruption in the court, depriving the public service. It is also important to stop attacks on the media.

When we talk about the fact that the government should refrain from pressure on the media, it is obvious that the case of Rustavi 2 is absolutely outstanding here, "said Erekle Urushadze, a representative of Transparency International Georgia.