22 May 2024,   18:05
Ombudsman to appeal to Constitutional Court regarding restriction of right to acquire agricultural land for foreigners

The Public Defender requests the Constitutional Court to recognize the norm as unconstitutional, according to which the citizens of foreign countrieswere restricted to purchase agricultural land.

This norm acts until the new Constitution comes into force, although in the Ombudsman"s Office, the restriction should be removed because it creates serious problems for foreign citizens living in Georgia. The suit has already been sent to the Constitutional Court.

"This is a temporary rule that the parliament has adopted to work before the new edition of the Constitution, but we believe that unless the new version comes into effect, the current version does not leave the space for such a legislative norm. Naturally there should be no restrictions and they should be given the opportunity to enjoy theright to acquire property.

And here we are talking about people who are historically associated with Georgia, "said George Burjanadze, Deputy Public Defender of Georgia.