22 May 2024,   17:57
Program - "UK-Georgia-New Horizont" - was officially launched

The program - "UK-Georgia-New Horizont" - was officially launched . The relevant statement was made yesterday, at the Georgian-British Government Meeting " within the "Strategic Dialogue of Warford" by the Minister of European Affairs of Great Britain Sir Allan Duncan.

The program covers the period of September-December 2019 and will be dedicated to demonstrating achievements of British culture, education, business and sports.

"Relations between Georgia and the United Kingdom are in the best form. Your country faces challenges in the defense and security issues . Russia is trying to strengthen its illegal presence in the region. Moscow is decisive to do so. Russia must destroy the barbed wire fences and respect the international order based on the rule of law. Georgia has proven to be part of this order. Elections were held in free environment here. This means that democracy is developing in Georgia and I urge you to continue this path. One of the main signs of democracy is to understand that NGOs can criticize the government in the power.
We support the work of NGOs in Georgia to improve the accountability of the government, "said Sir Allan Duncan, State Minister of Great Britain.