24 May 2024,   14:40
Murder of the Smiths family - charge against detained Malkhaz Kobauri aggravated

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has aggravated charges against 19-year-old shepherd Malkhaz Kobauri, who is accused of killing American family in Georgia.

The Prosecutor’s Office said on November 9 that Kobauri has been charged with raping Laura Joy Smith and murdering her in aggravating circumstances.

“The investigation has received important conclusions of expertise and Malkhaz Kobauri, who was charged with murdering Ryan Smith, his wife, Lora Smith, and their 4-year-old son Caleb, and the Prosecutor has filed additional charges - raping Laura Joy Smith and murdering her in aggravating circumstances against Kobauri,” the Prosecutor’s Office said.

Malkhaz Kobauri has been charged for the murder under aggravating circumstances, and rape, a sexual intercourse by use of violence, threat of violence or abusing the victim"s helpless condition.

The crime envisages up to 20 years prison sentence or life imprisonment.