28 March 2023,   11:53
1 300 000 GEL spent on Tbilisoba - " Spending Detector" claimed that Mayor"s Office could finance some of free canteens

1 300000 GEL was spent on Tbilisoba this year. The organization " Spending Detector" claims that this sum could be used more rationally by the Mayor"s Office. The researchers publish the results of the survey.

Reportedly the amount of money paid for two events in the frames of Tbilisoba is equal to the annual budget of free diners in various districts of Tbilisi.

The study also says that the amount spent on the celebration is more than 40% of the state"s spending on shelters for homeless children.

"These funds would be enough to fully fund the free diners of Vake or Saburtalo the whole year. Also, it would be possible to fully fund the children with disabilities in socially vulnerable families living in Tbilisi, "said Salome Kvirikashvili, the researcher