24 October 2020,   21:58
Mock Interview for Imedi and attempt to detain Gvaramia and Saakashvili - Zaza Okuashvili"s Scandalous Statement

After the scandalous statements of Zaza Okuashvili, "Courier" has received documents that confirm information, that Cartu Bank transferred over 7 million to Omega Group"s account two days before elections in order to buy the silence of the businessman.

The founder of "Omega Group" spoke in details about the developments, which took place before the company renew its work and in exchange of what the government offered Omega Group tens of millions.

The transfer dates back to 26 October and as Zaza Okuashvili says, "Cartu Bank" transferred this money to the closed "Omega Group" without any guarantees. It happens on a background when they were stating that the company had a huge debt and asked Zaza Okuashvili to pay the budget debts.

On October 26th, Zaza Okuashvili contacted the government representatives and offered several proposals. This happened just a few hours before Zaza Okuashvili"s briefing. Everybody was expecting Zaza Okuashvili to present the proof , how Bidzina Ivanishvili requests four million. The government officials contacted Okuashvili after the announcement of the briefing.

After announcing the press conference, "Omega Group" received a promise of debt restructurisatioinInstead of 55, the company had to pay 10 million. Zaza Okuashvili"s company also won a court case, which lasted for 2 years. Besides, "Omega Group" has received an agreement on offering expensive cars and all this happened within two days.

Zaza Okuashvili finally it was revealed that the government had its plans regarding Omega group. In particular, Zaza Okuashvili was demanded to make a specific statement for Imedi TV in exchange for everything. Zaza Okuashvili was given a concrete text about what should be said. According to the content of which Zaza Okuashvili had to say that Nika Gvaramia and Mikheil Saakashvili had contacted him and demanded to compromise Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Zaza Okuashvili says that it was personally Prime Minister Bakhtadze"s assignment. As it turns out, the aim of all this was to finally launch criminal prosecution against Director General of "Rustavi 2" Nika Gvaramia and Georgia"s third president Mikheil Saakashvili.