03 July 2020,   17:18
61 000 children of kindergartens to be left without food - nobody is willing to participate in the tender of the City Hall

Sixty one thousand children of public kindergarten may be left without food from the new year. The City Hall has announced a tender on providing meals in which nobody expressed the wish to participate.

The tender announced by the City Hall indicates that the winner company will have to spend 3.24 GEL per one child  per day. This is the real reason why companies do not want to take part in state procurement.The same amount was allocated last year. Then the only company  who took part in the tender was Ltd Nili.

However, this year, Ltd "Nili, who has repeatedly got involved in the scandal, is not going to participate in the tender. The term of completion of state procurement  tender is December 22.

"I have not decided ... it"s also a false information that my company is bankrupt.The information whether I participate in the tender is not  public , so I will refrain from commenting, "- said Nili"s director Kakha Giorgadze.

According to him, the amount of money per child is causing his hesitation. That"s why Kakha Giorgadze says that final decision will be made before the end of the tender.