24 May 2024,   15:17
Judges Exams - Non-judge members of the Council of Justice speak about necessity of reform

The date of the qualification examination of judges shall be named at the today"s session of the High Council of Justice.
Non-judge members of the Council draw attention to another fault in the system.According to their assessment, due to partiality of the system bias, lawyers who take serious education for the judge at the expense of the state will ultimately fail to achieve the goal and will not be able to become the judges.
According to their assessment, as a result, the state is only wasting state resources and receives defective judiciary system.
"We have a practice when people pass tests and then they are studying at the High School of Justice, but we have a lot of cases where people can not become a judge at all, even though the qualification requirements are met and the state is spending money on it. So I think that it is important to have a reform that will save the state resources, "said Nazi Janezashvili, the non-judge of the Council.