24 May 2024,   13:31
Young man allegedly dies from consumed drugs - Dima Gorgidze"s neighbors recall the details of the incident

Presumably the use of drugs was the reason of death of another teenager Dima Gorgidze. An 18-year-old young man who died at dawn on December 8. Reportedly, he was in one the clubs that night. He felt bad when he returned and died before the arrival of the ambulance.
The neighbors of the deceased confirmed the information that the friends of the deceased had signs of intoxication as well. Young people lived in a rented apartment in Tbilisi.
According to locals, after the patrol police arrived, friends of the deceased noted that they were in the club Basiani, however, it is unknown which substance caused intoxication.
Investigation will establishes the exact cause of death. According to the "Courier", another friend of the deceased has intoxication symptoms . They received the so- called club drugs, and after that they got sick and were taken to the hospital.
The friends of the deceased remain in the hospital until now, they are undergoing the appropriate treatment course.
According to the MIA, investigation is under way under Article 116, which implies negligence of life.
The administration of "Basiani" denies that Dima Gorgidze was at their place before his death. According to the club administration, the deceased had a status minus 1, which implies that he was not allowed to enter the club.
However, according to "Courier", this status does not mean that he could not enter the club.The administration of the club reports that the youngsters did not confirm that they received the drugs in their club. Administration officials think that dissemination of incorrect information is aimed at discrediting the club.